New Year, new bathroom? While it might not be on the top of your priority list after finishing a hectic holiday season, perhaps it should be; a plumbing work renovation is a wonderful way to treat your family and start the year anew. You’ll make the space one of comfort and style—and maybe you’ll even improve its efficiency along the way!

P&D Mechanical is here to help make your dream bathroom a reality. Below, our water piping and heating work pros bring you just a bit of inspiration so that you can start planning your next big home change.

Play With Furniture Color and Positioning

Many bathrooms suffer from “small space syndrome.” Though they might not be objectively small in some cases, the vast amount of furniture—tubs, showers, toilets, you name it—they must harbor means that they often end up feeling stuffy and cramped. That’s certainly not a place where you’d want to get ready in the mornings!

To remedy this, consider a renovation that focuses on opening up the space. By strategically placing your tub, toilet, and sink, you can create the impression of more walking space and promote a better bathing experience.

Keep Things Light

Ever wondered why white bathroom fixtures are always in, despite being so aggravating to keep clean? Perhaps one reason is how the color itself creates the illusion of extra space in a room, pushing back that claustrophobic feeling that comes from darker hues. This isn’t to say richer colors can’t look amazing in bathrooms, too; it’s simply a statement of the color white’s value when it comes to opening up a room.

Add Energy Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

From sinks to toilets to tubs, pretty much any plumbing work appliance can be fitted with modern technology to make its performance even better. You’ll save money and the environment with an eco-conscious upgrade like this.

It’s important to consult a professional, though, if you’re thinking about this renovation. The world of energy-efficient fixtures is vast. They’ll be able to pick a product that best suits your needs, on top of having a stress-free installation job done in a jiffy.

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