Burst pipes are certainly nothing you want to tangle with. For the uninformed, check out our plumbing work blog “First Aid for a Burst Pipe” to get an idea of what the chaos and home damage can look like! As a preventative measure, many homeowners take to insulating their pipes with commercial products. While this does work, not every pipe needs the extra support—so how can you go about the job smartly?


P&D Mechanical, your water piping experts, is here to help. Below, we’ll let you in on a few signs that a pipe needs some additional help to get through the winter, and one case where it might actually be detrimental.

You’re Worried About Condensation

Water piping handles water, so why is accumulation on the outside such a big deal? In short: corrosion. When chilled water meets warm, humid, household air—qualities that are quite common in the wintertime—water accumulates and sits on top of the pipes, potentially promoting corrosion. A layer of insulation between your water piping and your home’s ambient air can help prevent this and prolong the life of your plumbing work.


As it ensures longevity, insulating every pipe to prevent condensation might be a smart move, depending on your budget and needs.

You Want to Save Money in the Long Run

In the wintertime, hot water often isn’t transported in a straight line to the plumbing fixture; it must traverse a wide array of winding pipes, losing heat along the way. To avoid the need for water heater replacement and save on your energy bills, it’s generally advisable to insulate every pipe that transports hot water, especially if it’s exposed to cold winter air in any form.


A plumbing work pro can help you determine which pipes this applies to, as it’s often hard for the layperson to tell what’s what when looking at what appears to be an entire water piping maze!

Don’t Insulate Radiant Floor Heating!

Hydronic radiant floor heating uses water piping to keep your floors toasty. While these systems are a cost-efficient way to make your home comfortable, they do not benefit from insulation. This is because said insulation would actively stop the heat from radiating, making the system work harder and actually costing you more!


P&D Mechanical: Here to Maintain Your Ship-Shape Plumbing

No matter if you want to save energy or simply be more cozy this year, we’ve got the plumbing work solutions. Give our Robbinsdale office a call today at 763-533-2218.

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