We’ve talked a lot on our plumbing work blog about leaks—usually of the dramatic sort. And while those leaks can cause huge problems, as we’ve covered in the installment “First Aid for a Burst Pipe,” they’re always obvious enough that you can immediately begin to fix those problems. Small leaks, though? Not so much. And they can be just as detrimental and spill just as much water when left to fester.


That’s why P&D Mechanical, your water piping and toilet repair experts, is here below with a few less-than-obvious signs that your plumbing is in need of some patching.

Ceiling Stains

It’s not commonplace to get up close and personal with your ceiling, unless you happen to be up there dusting. However, the space can harbor some hard-to-detect signs of plumbing failure in the form of ceiling stains, so it pays to give it a once-over now and again.


These ceiling stains will vary in color, from a slightly duller version of the surrounding paint to a rusty or darker hue if mildew starts to take over. To remedy them, you must of course fix the plumbing issue that caused the stain in the first place, then proceed with a mild bleach cleaner or a new paint job. If mold’s your menace, the EPA has a few awesome tips for taking it down.

Isolated Mold Issues

Mold loves dark, humid environments like crawlspaces and bathroom cabinets. While conditions can be right for it to set up shop if your home is poorly ventilated, if your mold problem is centralized in a given location, chances are something about that location specifically is appealing—and chances are it could be a plumbing leak.


Learn more about the relationship between plumbing work and mold in our blog “Three Plumbing Work Problems That Cause Mold.”

Low Water Pressure in Your Plumbing Work

Is your shower just not cutting it anymore? Is your outside spigot at more of a trickle than a roar? While there can be many causes for low water pressure—corrosion or a need for water heater replacement, for example—a leak sprung somewhere obviously can be one of them. Since it diverts water from the pipes, you’re left with less of it coming through the fountain. 


P&D Mechanical: Professional Plumbing Work Sleuths

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