If you’re like many people, the thought of a nice hot shower at the end of a long day is what gets you through some laggy workday afternoons. But when your shower can’t perform reliably, or otherwise to a high standard, well—few things are more aggravating!

You deserve the warmth and comfort of a well-working shower, and that’s why we at P&D Mechanical are here to help yours stay that way. Below, we’ll dive into a few common shower water piping issues that might plague this critical plumbing work part of yours.

Lackluster Water Pressure

For those who like their shower to feel like a deep-tissue massage, this one can practically ruin the bathing experience. No doubt, if your shower’s stream is looking sad, something is amiss!

If it’s not just your shower that has low pressure, the first step would be to check for a water piping leak. A sudden lapse in that pressure is also a good sign that something, somewhere, is letting water into places it shouldn’t. It’s important to call a plumbing work pro if you suspect leakage; leaks can be remarkably sneaky. Just because you don’t find one doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Alternatively, if it’s just your showerhead that’s on the fritz, you can check for lime or mineral buildup and remove it with a commercially available cleaner.


Obviously, if your shower won’t drain, you know there’s an issue, and you probably know that it’s something physical down there blocking things. You’re also probably quite motivated to fix the problem, as nobody likes to stand in dirty water while they shower!

Multiple avenues can solve this problem, depending on the nature of the clog. If, for example, it’s hair that is clogging your drain, it’s potentially fixable via a drain snake or chemical cleaner, but neither of these will work if the clog is caused by something larger like a shampoo cap. Because you risk ineffectual efforts if you try to fix the clog yourself, it’s always best to contact a plumber.

Shaking Shower Pipes

Showers are noisy sometimes, as the sound of water hitting the floor isn’t exactly quiet. But if you hear something rattling behind your shower, you’ve got a problem that needs professional attention. Anything from a poorly secured pipe to too-high water pressure could be the culprit, so don't trial-and-error your way to fixing an issue that wasn’t an issue to begin with.

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