If your drain clogs, you know something’s up with your plumbing work. After all, it’s a little hard to ignore when your sink is actively overflowing onto your bathroom floor!

But water piping is a finicky thing, and it’s not just full clogs that can give your drains a run for their money. In fact, your drains can suffer from a variety of “health” problems that either are precursors or outright worse than clogging. They can be hard to spot until the times are dire—so P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale plumbing work pros, is here to detail a few below.

Your Drain Is Too Slow

We all have that one sink or shower in our home that runs on the sluggish side; many homeowners don’t take note of it. But this is actually a drainage problem with your water piping, and it’s one that indicates a major clog is imminent!

Slow drains are typically caused by the accumulation of “muck,” for lack of a better term, in your water piping. While that accumulation may not be enough to completely stop the drain from working, it won’t go away, only getting bigger and bigger until a complete clog shows up and stops your household functions in their tracks.

However, slow drains can also be caused by issues with the plumbing work itself, so it’s important to get a pro out to the property if you can’t discern the cause.

You’ve Got Drain Flies

Yep, you read that right—there actually is a species of fly that takes up residence primarily in drains. Gross! More specifically, they like areas where decaying organic matter and water tend to pool up, which can happen in drains that are illy tended to.

Many online sites have DIY instructions on how to rid your home of these pests, and while they may work just fine, it’s always a good idea to get a plumbing work expert out to inspect the area afterwards to make sure there isn’t a structural issue in place that will cause a repeat problem.

Your Drain Smells

A bad smell coming from your sink, garbage disposal, shower, you name it—that’s a surefire sign that something is wrong. It can be caused by a buildup of rot in the pipes to an actual lack of critical plumbing work parts. If disinfecting measures don’t cure the problem, it’s time for the help of a pro.

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