It’s a common fixture in many American households: the toilet that just needs to have its handle jiggled after it flushes, “just to stop the noise.” It’s a small enough task that many people just choose to adapt to it and then go on with their lives, but take it from the plumbing work pros at P&D Mechanical: a noisy toilet is generally an ailing one.

Indeed, toilets are capable of making any number of sounds, from the normal swish of a flush to hissing or even downright vibrating. If you have an appliance that has an unusually loud opinion, read on; we’ll talk noisy toilets and their fixes below.


Does your toilet consistently sound like a just-opened bottle of cola? It’s probably a busted fill valve. The fill valve plays an important role in regulating your toilet’s water levels; it controls when the bowl fills, as well as the tank, as its name implies. Without it, the very mechanics your toilet depends on to function would be nonexistent.

When a fill valve breaks down, either due to debris buildup or simple age, water can escape through it, causing the characteristic hiss as it enters the overflow pipe. The valve will need to either be completely replaced or otherwise reoriented by a professional.

Random Flushing

Also called “ghost flushing,” your toilet cycling when nobody is around certainly can be spooky—and while it’s definitely not paranormal, it’s a toilet issue that’s sure quite terrifying to your energy budget.

This is a problem that requires professional inspection, as it can have a variety of causes, including water leakage, a malfunctioning flapper chain, or bad flush gasket. Unless you fancy completely dissecting your toilet and playing guess-and-check, get an experienced pair of eyes to your home for toilet repair.

Banging or Rumbling

Known to the industry as “water hammer,” this is a water piping issue that isn’t exclusive to toilets, though it’s certainly startling when it happens after flushing! Water slapping against the closed fill valve and air that’s stuck in your pipes after the toilet’s fill valve shut cause that characteristic heavy-machinery noise that you hear after flushing. It’s certainly a problem that you’ll want fixed by a pro quick, as the noise can easily disrupt sleep.

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