Mold is a great antibiotic upon occasion (looking at you, Penicillin) but we certainly don’t want any type of it growing in our homes!


Unfortunately, though, any number of poorly maintained plumbing work mishaps perfectly sets the stage for its growth. Leaking water combined with a heated home and the fact that most people don’t check up on their water piping as much as they should—that adds up to some prime mold real estate.


While any dark, secluded space is a great spot to start growing, mold tends to favor some places and plumbing work problems over others. Below, P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale heating work and water piping experts, details some common plumbing mishaps and places that can lead to or foster a moldy mess.

Your Garbage Disposal

Even if your garbage disposal is currently running just fine, the constant flow of food and warm water make it a mold hotspot. You should wash your garbage disposal regularly to avoid this; filling the sink with clean, hot and sudsy water, then running the disposal when it drains, should suffice.


Of course, proper garbage disposal usage goes a long way towards keeping the machine clean; foods that it can’t process, for example, often get stuck inside of it. Check out our blog “How to Care for Your Garbage Disposal” for a quick guide on the subject.

Basement Water Piping

Your home on its own is a great place for mold, but your basement’s characteristics make it even better. Basements are frequently


●        Dark

●        Poorly ventilated

●        Humid

●        Not often disturbed relative to the rest of the home


Top that off with the fact that it’s a hub of water piping activity and something is bound to go wrong sooner or later. Anything from a clogged drain to simple condensation on the pipes can create a prime bold breeding ground—all the more reason to regularly call a plumbing work pro out for checkups.


Wall Leaks

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: a small dark patch appears on the wall one day. When further inspected by a plumbing work expert, an entire colony of mold is revealed, as well as a leaky pipe!


Luckily, this scene right out of a horror movie will remain just that if you invest in preventative maintenance with the help of a local plumber.

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