You put garbage down your garbage disposal—it’s not supposed to leak, right?


Unfortunately, because many homeowners think this, they’re all too often shocked by the sudden appearance of a puddle, or worse, mold, beneath the sink, where they thought their water piping was strong. Garbage disposals can and do leak, just like any other piece of plumbing work; they do also handle water, after all.


The good news is that, just like any other piece of plumbing work, you can learn to recognize the source of the leaks and learn when to call for help. P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale heating work, plumbing work, and garbage disposal experts, is here with a brief primer course below.

A Deteriorating Sink Flange

The flange (pronounced “flanj”) is the cylindrical apparatus that sits directly below the sink in the drain, serving as a connecting point from it to the garbage disposal. Usually, the putty and bolts used to hold it steady work just fine—until normal wear-and-tear either loosens it up or weaks the putty.


The solution to this is usually a little bit of tightening and a reapplication of plumber’s putty. Sure, it’s a task you can do at home, but you’re far better off calling a plumbing work pro, as the substance can be finicky in the wrong hands. It also involves quite a bit of work within tight confines and near water, an electrical appliance, and sharp blades. Not a safe combination!

Aged Drain Lines

These parts of your garbage disposal branch out to separate places—one to the dishwater disposal area, and one to the sewer. Simple age can cause any number of parts of these systems to fail or become loose, such as


●        Gaskets

●        Screws

●        The pipes themselves


Because this region of your garbage disposal is so multifaceted, it’s always best to call in a plumbing work pro. Whether something simply needs to be tightened or outright replaced, they provide a seamless and stress-free solution.


A Broken Seal on the Machine’s Interior

Water that’s coming out of the bottom of your garbage disposal is always a bad sign—one that usually means replacement is incoming. Inside the shell is a complicated electrical system that simply cannot be exposed to water, for obvious reasons. You’d of course want to also hire a pro for replacement, as it’s a job that requires specialized knowledge and a steady hand.

P&D Mechanical: Provider of Garbage Disposal Solutions

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