You’ve just had your water piping taken care of by the pros at P&D Mechanical. Your plumbing is flawless, but your home, not so much. That burst pipe really did a number on your carpet. You might need replacement, but can your insurance company help foot the bill?


The short answer: It’s complicated. All policies are different, and your situation’s outcome depends on which you’ve chosen to purchase and the cause of the damage. While nobody can tell you for sure what your insurance company will and won’t cover, P&D Mechanical, as plumbing work experts who have seen it all, has a few rules of thumb below.

The Extent of Homeowner’s Insurance

If you carry this type of insurance without any endorsements, you might not totally be out of luck. Homeowners insurance tends to cover what are typically referred to as “sudden and accidental” problems when it comes to water damage.


While any major plumbing mishap probably seems quite sudden and accidental to you, insurance doesn’t see it that way! In short, vastly simplified terms, to qualify as “sudden and accidental,” it must have been a problem that occurred all at once – not as a result of gradual neglect.


In short: If you simply were irresponsible and neglected the proper plumbing work, insurance won’t cover you.

“Sudden and Accidental” Issues That Insurance Doesn’t Touch

It almost doesn’t make sense to think about; if homeowner’s insurance is supposed to protect your home, why doesn’t it do so for absolutely every plumbing work problem that would qualify under its own definition?


Unfortunately, insurance is filled with as many exclusions as it is inclusions. A few of these tend to be...

Sewer Backups

If your home is in need of RPZ/Backflow testing, standard insurance probably doesn’t cover you. However, it’s usually an available type of “extra” insurance you can buy, so don’t borrow trouble if you’re unsure. Just ask an agent!

Water Leaks From Neglected Plumbing

Again, though it might shock you to discover the extent of the damage, if you could have prevented it, insurance will view it as neglect. This includes not only small leaks, but hard-to-fix circumstances for which you need to call a plumber.

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