It’s got an entire room named after it (the boiler room, of course), so you’d think a boiler is a pretty permanent structure to your home or business facility. Generally speaking, you’d be right! With proper maintenance, a boiler will last you multiple decades.


However, as long as that timeframe seems, it’s not forever, and it’s provided you took proper care of your boiler in the first place. If this integral part of your home’s heating work goes down, you’re left without warmth. And if you’re a Minnesotan like us, you know how terrible that can be!


Relax – P&D Mechanical has you covered. Below, we’ll dive into some telltale signs that you need boiler replacement, and STAT.

Your Thermostat Is Ailing

Wait, you might be thinking, aren’t we talking about boilers? Yes, of course, but no part of your home’s heating work works independently of the others. The functionality of your boiler is directly tied to the functionality of your thermostat, and without the latter, you could experience a poorly heated home.


If a lack of comfort wasn’t enough to make this urgent, the wear and tear it puts on your boiler can. A grumpy thermostat can mean your boiler works overtime to compensate, and that extra wear-and-tear adds up. While you might not necessarily always need a complete boiler replacement when your thermostat decides to be fussy, if the issue isn’t properly attended to, it certainly can.

Your Boiler Shrieks Like a Kettle

We’re not joking! “Kettling,” as the pros call it, is when a boiler begins to pop, gurgle, and screech, somewhat like a tea kettle.


Sometimes it’s a benign problem. Your boiler may have simply sprung a leak somewhere. Other times, kettling is a sign of severe debris buildup or systematic overheat, both of which often require boiler replacement.

Leaks are Always Happening

Your boiler’s water piping might spring a leak every once in a while, but too many leaks can add up, monetarily speaking. If you’re constantly patching up some water spout or another, it could be that your boiler is simply too old or worn-down for repairs, and a money-saving replacement is in the cards.

P&D Mechanical: Your Boiler Replacement Experts

Your boiler is a crucial part of heating your home, so you should only hand it over for inspection to the best plumbing work and heating pros in the business: P&D Mechanical. Give our Robbinsdale office a call today at 763-533-2218.

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