Rust: it’s nasty on an automobile, and it’s equally nasty in your water heater. When you’re looking forward to a hot shower after a long day at work, nothing is more disappointing (and disgusting!) as pulling back the curtain and discovering your steaming water is brown!

While regular maintenance from a plumbing work provider is the best way to keep your water heater in tip-top shape, there are plenty of ways that you as a homeowner can keep this vital machine running strong. P&D Mechanical, your water piping and heating work experts, is here with all the details.

Keep an Eye on Your Anode Rod

This is a part of your water heater that works to prevent rust through acting as a catalyst to natural processes. It’s a rather innocuous-looking cylindrical-shaped part, but it’s the biggest thing that stops rust from accumulating in your water heater. Anode rods, no matter how well they’re made or installed, tend to break down over time; it’s simply the nature of the beast.

Ask your plumbing work pro to show it to you next time they come out for your routine checkup. They can explain how to check it, how often to do so, and how to know when you’ll need to call them for repairs, as preventative action is the best way to stop a rusty rampage.

Consider a Water Softener

Sure, paying for the salt that “fuels” them is an investment, but you’ll get longevity from your water heater as a result—and probably save money on repairs.

Water softeners are easy-to-use devices that mix your water with salt (no, you won’t taste it!) which helps to mitigate the effects of the iron that causes rust. Additional products are also available to boost these effects. They’re especially useful for homes that use wells or those that have “hard” water.

Don’t Let Water Sit in Your Water Heater

Cabin owners: be sure to drain your water heater before shutting down for the season! When water is left to accumulate in your heater, any remaining particulates can erode its interior, resulting in premature rust. This might not be such a huge issue for homeowners, but if you need to shut down your water piping for any reason—such as a plumbing emergency—it pays to keep this in mind.

P&D Mechanical: We Know Water Heaters

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