A pipe has burst, you’ve discovered a leak, your toilet is completely nonfunctional—you need help, and fast, so you’re right to call P&D Mechanical. We’ll be there in a jiffy!

As much as we’d love to be on the scene instantaneously, though, it obviously isn’t possible for even the most dedicated plumbing work pros unless you’re lucky enough to have them living directly next door. You’ll thus need to batten down the hatches and get through until help arrives—but how?

Have a Plumbing Backup Plan

While it’s not necessary to write up an entire plan down to the letter, especially if your water piping is well-maintained, it’s helpful to have an outline of an emergency procedure in place before things go haywire. Provided, of course, that your plumbing isn’t currently on the fritz, take the time to make one now.

●        Find a neighbor who will be willing to lend you fresh water or a place to use the bathroom should the need arise.

●        If evacuation is needed, is there a local hotel or family friend who might be able to accommodate you for a few days?

●        Is P&D Mechanical’s phone number programmed into your contacts?

●        Learn where your water valves and water heater controls are so finding them in an emergency is easy.

Just like a fire preparation plan, a plumbing emergency plan can make your life more streamlined and safe when the worst comes to worst. Practicing the four above tips is a smart way to start!

When Disaster Strikes: How to Save Your Belongings

Your family probably isn’t at risk from a majority of plumbing emergencies—unless you’re in need of RPZ/Backflow testing. Even in that case, keeping your loved ones safe is as simple as following the aforementioned emergency plan you just made.

But what about your belongings? You’d obviously want to move them out of harm’s way if you can, but getting them to safety can be a little trickier if they’re heavy.

While it’s no substitute for professional water piping help, stopping small leaks with plumber’s tape can cut down on the damage. After you’ve shut down the water if needed, using a wet-vac and/or dehumidifier can dry things out and prevent mold damage.

Contacting insurance might be your best option for larger items like carpeting. In severe cases, you may need to hire a water remediation company. While they won’t handle the plumbing, they can help with large-scale restoration efforts.

P&D Mechanical: Your Preferred Plumbing Work Pros

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