You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but spring kitchen remodeling? Since when was there an ideal season to redo your kitchen? While there is never a bad time, per se, to revamp this part of your home, we at P&D Mechanical can make some pretty good arguments for spring being the best time to do so. If you’ve been on the fence about having all that plumbing work done to your water piping, it’s time to take the plunge!

Discounts and Opportunities Are A-Plenty

Holidays—specifically long holiday weekends—tend to mean appliance sales. Given that plenty of those occur in the springtime and early to mid summer months, you’d be smart to at least start researching models now, as well as making reservation with your preferred contractors.

New refrigerator models tend to be released in the month of May, so while new models may not be at their cheapest then, buying in that month helps you to get the most high-tech version. Retailers may also be clearing out their inventory for new stock, meaning that older models are steeply discounted. The spring shopping season truly brings something for all types of kitchen remodelers!

Spring Daylight Speeds Projects Along

When compared to winter and fall, spring has a lot more daylight. This can prove useful for a number of renovation projects, from installing garbage disposals to doing the necessary heating work for your new kitchen. Though contractors can still work with the help of artificial light as it gets darker, it’s much quicker (and less of a hassle) to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak.

Spring Weather Is Consistent

Yes, even indoor projects are affected by what’s going on outside! While we at P&D Mechanical are as reliable as they come, any other number of contractors might have problems getting the necessary materials to your home should they encounter subzero temperatures or nasty storms. Since spring weather is relatively consistent, as opposed to that of all the other seasons, it remains an ideal time to get the necessary kitchen work done.

P&D Mechanical Is Ready to Help Install the Kitchen of Your Dreams

A great kitchen requires great plumbing work—and it’s that, among a variety of other services, that we’ve made it our mission to provide. Get started on your remodeling today and give our Robbinsdale office a call at 733-533-2218. We look forward to serving you!

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