No doubt, it’s important that your water be pressurized. Nothing is better than blasting yourself with showerhead that works like a firehose after a long day at work, and you need your sink to be a smidge higher than a trickle if you want to make any headway on dishes!


But can your home’s water pressure actually be too high? And if it can be, are there consequences to your water piping?


P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale plumbing work and heating work experts, has all the answers!

Water Pressure Can be Dangerous

Not to you, of course – unless you count unexpectedly forceful showers as dangerous!


Yes, water pressure can be too high, and yes, it can do some nasty things to your plumbing work. It’s essential that you keep a close eye on this facet of your water piping’s stats, lest you land yourself in the quagmires that are the following:

Broken Pipes

We’ve written about these horror stories in our blog post: “First Aid for a Burst Pipe.”


Even if you haven’t read it, you probably assume that the word “burst” next to “water piping” does not bode well for your home, and you’d be right. Water remediation and extensive dehumidifying of your home is not cheap.


Excessive water pressure can indeed cause these nightmares by slowly eroding your pipes, so make sure to keep the level within your particular plumbing system’s constraints.


Less dire than a burst pipe but still just as much of a nuisance, leaks are another potential consequence of water pressure left too high for too long.


While it might be easy to see them, say, next to your bathroom faucet, the leaks caused by excessive water pressure aren’t always so obvious. They can even spring up in the walls, and the resulting water spillage can degrade your home from the inside out. It’s yet another reason to keep that water pressure in check.

Decrease in Your Plumbing’s Longevity

Plumbing, while durable, is only made to handle water pressure up until a certain threshold. When it’s forced to do what it isn’t made to do for an extended period of time, you’re likely to notice many more systemic issues than otherwise – issues that tend to require replacement instead of repair.

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