We’ve seen it all during our time as toilet repair professionals at P&D Mechanical, and while we’re perfectly happy to take care of any of your water piping repair needs, we also know that flushing things that shouldn't go down the toilet is a major preventable cause of plumbing work problems.


In other words: Don’t put the following things in your toilet!

“Flushable” Wet Wipes

Yep, you read right. Though the packaging may not be lying to you, per se, we as heating work and plumbing work pros still recommend keeping these out of your toilet, especially if you have a septic system.


Why? Well, these things do break down after being flushed – that’s what the labelling means. However, they take a fair bit longer to decompose than do squares of toilet paper. They’re thus more likely to cause clogs. So, after changing the baby’s diaper, put that wet wipe in the garbage can, not in your plumbing.

Dental Floss

If possible, this one’s an even bigger offender than wet wipes! Dental floss is usually made of materials that don’t break down, period. That means it’s nearly a guarantee that if it gets caught in your water piping that it will contribute to some sort of breakage.


Even if floss passes through, it can cause issues further down the line for community wastewater systems, as it tangles with their parts and can even cause outright breakage.


While keeping up that New Year’s resolution to floss daily, work to throw the floss in the trash, not the toilet. Your plumbing work will thank you.


We know, we know: it’s a cleaning-routine staple. But it doesn’t belong in the toilet!


Bleach is far too harsh a chemical for your plumbing work to handle, for one, and for two, it can degrade the porcelain that makes up your toilet. If your pipes are old enough to be made out of lead, the bleach can actually eat away at those, too!


Pouring bleach in the toilet is especially detrimental to septic systems. These systems rely on beneficial (good) bacteria to break down waste. Because it’s so good at killing bacteria, bleach should never be introduced to your plumbing work in this case.

If You’ve Been Flushing Things You Shouldn’t Have, Contact P&D Mechanical Now

The potential clogs or systemic degradation that can result are too risky to ignore. If you’ve got even a hunch that your plumbing work needs help, don’t fear embarrassment. P&D Mechanical of Robbinsdale is here to help—and to educate, not to judge! Give us a call at 763-533-2218.

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