Chilled water piping: don’t we all have it? If you’re not in the field of plumbing work or water piping, you might think this—and we wouldn't blame you! Since a majority of households have ready access to cold water, it might seem logical to assume that the water piping that supplies it is also chilled.


However, chilled water piping is a little less commonplace than that. In fact, it’s most more often seen in hotels and larger buildings—and while it certainly has something to do with chilling water, its purpose is far different from cooling the stuff that we drink. P&D Mechanical, a Robbinsdale provider of heating work, plumbing work, and toilet repair, is here to tell you all about the complexities of chilled water systems to help you decide if one may be right for you.

What’s a Chilled Water Piping System?

Its purpose has surprisingly more to do with heating work than it does with drinking water! A chilled water system cools water down to roughly forty degrees, as its name implies, then pumps it throughout a given building. This works similarly to an AC system, as it keeps the internal temperature of the building pleasant, resulting in a comfortably cool atmosphere.

Why Use a Chilled Water Piping System?

What’s wrong with air conditioning? You might think. Well, nothing really—but a chilled water piping system can do nearly everything an efficient air conditioning unit can do, in addition to bringing a few extra perks to the table.

Chilled water piping systems are centralized.

With all the pertinent appliances located in a single place, these systems make maintenance and repairs easy, as well as more affordable, as you won’t need to service a multitude of units to ensure your building stays cool.

Chilled water piping systems are quiet.

Face it: air conditioners are noisy. They hum, and the sound of vents clacking can be quite grating! Because there are fewer moving parts, chilled water systems are generally much quieter than this, creating a space that fosters peace of mind.


Chilled water piping systems can help save you money.

Water, in many circumstances, can be a much more cost-effective way of keeping a given building cool. Though installing a chilled water system is an up-front cost, the system will eventually pay for itself.

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