Every homeowner wants their plumbing work to last as long as possible. It’s a given—and through conscientious water piping-use and regular maintenance from the pros at P&D Mechanical, this integral part of your household will perform faithfully for years. However, nothing is immune to the passage of time, and there comes a period in every homeowner’s life in which it comes time for replacement.


The consequences of not recognizing when it’s time for a plumbing overhaul can be dire. Outright failure of this crucial home-appliance aspect is, of course, the ultimate result, and nobody likes to stumble upon a sodden living room courtesy of a broken pipe (though if this does happen to you, here’s a water piping blog on what to do). Furthermore, going without warm water—the result of delaying water heater replacement—can make a person downright miserable. Unless you want to make the passerby pinch their noses, you’ll be living with bone-chilling showers. The very thought is shudder-inducing!


Luckily, you can avoid all of these nasty outcomes if you learn to recognize a few signs that your plumbing is simply beyond repair.

The Good News: You’re Unlikely to Need Systematic Replacement

Yes, ever! If you keep up with your plumbing maintenance, it’s generally unlikely you’ll need to completely replace your whole system at once. Usually, replacement is accomplished in parts, making the job quicker and more affordable, and it’s a route a seasoned plumbing-work expert will carefully consider before suggesting.


That said, the need for replacement can still arise, and it’s typically a good idea to look into it if


●        You’re renovating your kitchen. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but especially if you’re changing things up extensively, you may as well do away with parts that are likely to fail in the future. If you’re knocking down walls, why not inspect the plumbing behind them?

●        You’ve got some soaked-through baseboards. The trim that connects your wall to your floor is a good indicator of your plumbing’s overall health. If it’s wet, it could be a sign that something hidden needs replacement.

●        Your pipes are corroding. There’s simply no fix for this one. Corrosion can lead to anything from eventual mold growth when the pipes break to dangerous metals leaching into your water supply, so if you suspect this, contact a plumbing work pro immediately.


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