The holidays are a joyous time for many of us. Family, gifts, and good spirits abound, even during 2020! However, as happy as this season may be for you, your plumbing work might think differently. All that extra cooking, cleaning, and relatives staying over adds up to a whole lot more usage of and strain on your water piping, drastically increasing the potential for breakages, and you don’t want to deal with water piping woes during this busy time of year!


Rest assured that professionally-maintained plumbing work cared for by the pros at P&D Mechanical will keep running strong throughout the exciting wintertime season. From burst pipes to corrosion-induced leaks, we can help your water piping dodge all the hazards that can come with colder weather and extra usage so that it infallibly serves you when you need it the most.


That being said, showing your hardworking water piping system a little TLC never hurts.

How to Work in Harmony With Your Plumbing Work This Holiday Season

First thing’s first: If you haven’t been keeping up with your plumbing work’s “health checks,” schedule one ASAP.


Your water piping, like we said, faces a whole bunch of challenges once the holidays roll around, and it’s much better to deal with the stress of an appointment than the stress of a pipe failing. In fact, when you hire P&D Mechanical, you’ll feel no stress at all! Our team does everything in our power to ensure your convenience and comfort.


When it comes to holiday cooking and cleaning, though, don’t forget to...


●        Watch what you wash down the sink. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you’re extremely limited in what you can let slip down the drain. We know it’s easy to get lost in the food-prep rush, but please take care to avoid an unfortunate clog.


●        Make sure your toilets are working at full capacity. If your relatives are planning on staying for any length of time, your restrooms become integral to their comfort. Extra toilet repair services can help make sure that everyone stays happy and that the holiday joy keeps rolling.


●        Insulate any at-risk pipes. We’ve already talked on our plumbing-work blog about how horrible these are to deal with, so we’ll spare you the details. Just know that proper insulation, which a professional like us can accomplish for you, helps stop these nuisances from wrecking your holiday get-togethers.

P&D Mechanical is Here to Make Your Holiday Season Smooth Sailing

We maintain and repair everything from plumbing work to water heaters, so you have no reason to neglect your home’s crucial systems, even given how busy it is. Simply drop our Robbinsdale office a line at 763-533-2218[1] . You can also message us on our contact page.


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