A little leakage in your plumbing work is annoying, and it certainly racks up water bills, but a burst pipe is a whole other kettle of fish! This water piping emergency can soak your carpeting, leaving it ruined and in need of replacement, and your furniture looking and feeling like it’s been pulled straight out of Lake Superior.


Water piping does happen to have an inexplicable habit for bursting at the worst of times, namely at one in the morning or when your family is on vacation, but a pipe breaking is certainly not something you want to be dealing with, now or ever!


Which brings us to this question: Is your home’s plumbing work more at risk of bursting pipes than other systems? Burst pipes, while catastrophic in scope, are not all that common of an occurrence, but risk factors do exist that give your plumbing work a higher chance of outright failure.


P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale heating work and toilet repair experts, discusses these factors below.

Burst Pipe Risk Factors From the Plumbing Work Pros

The number one cause of burst pipes is plumbing work that hasn’t been professionally maintained. Pretty much anything that can cause such a calamity can be detected early on by a trained eye. This is because burst pipes generally don’t come out of the blue; They’re typically the result of plumbing that has been neglected for such a long time that the pipes simply give out.


As a preventative measure, have your plumbing work checked periodically by the pros at P&D Mechanical. We’ll be able to spot minor damage or errors in usage that can lead to a burst pipe, which include


●        Uninsulated water piping.  When the water within a pipe is allowed to freeze, it, of course, turns solid. Your water piping system isn’t designed to function with such an obstruction – hence the need for proper insulation.


●        Excessive water pressure.  Taking a massage-esque shower might feel awesome for you, but it could be putting undue strain on your pipes! Water pressure needs to be at just the right levels to ensure both your comfort and the prolonged functionality of your water piping.


●        Pipe corrosion. If your pipes are weakening from the inside-out (or outside-in), a breakage can obviously occur. As it’s generally a symptom of your pipes getting older, corrosion is hard to prevent, but you can replace your water piping before the problem snowballs.

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