It’s important to differentiate between a small irritation and a huge catastrophe in a variety of circumstances. For example, at work, you’d probably like to know if your misstep can be fixed with no repercussions or if it’s sent a ripple effect further down the company chain; it can mean the difference between business as usual and outright getting fired! In addition, plumbing work is no exception. If you notice an issue, you’d probably like to know if you can simply put a bucket under it until your plumbing work professional arrives or if you need to hustle and engage in some serious damage control.
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So, then, what does exactly qualify as a water piping or plumbing work emergency? While every situation and every home are individuals, we here at P&D Mechanical, as Robbinsdale toilet repair and water heater replacement professionals, are here to provide some rules of thumb.

Any Water Piping Mishap Requires Professional Help

The thing about water is that it can be quite damaging when it gets where it shouldn’t. While you might be able to wipe up spills from, say, your vinyl floors without any repercussions, such aspects of your home are designed to handle the occasional spill. Your pipes, in contrast, are housed next to some vulnerable assets of your home, and you’ll want to get a professional out ASAP to handle any leaky plumbing work.

We’re not saying you should panic at the smallest misplaced drop! We’re simply saying that that smallest misplaced drop can snowball into a much bigger problem if left unchecked.

The following, however, start their problematic existences as, well, huge problems:

●        A burst pipe | Many a Minnesotan has awoken to sodden carpets combined with puddly plumbing after a pipe fails overnight. Indeed, a burst pipe is one of the more severe plumbing work emergencies, but the good news it’s a bit hard to miss an issue of this magnitude. Get a plumbing pro on the scene fast before your entire house floods!

●        A toilet that won’t work | Everyone knows how to unclog a toilet, but if your sole fixture is failing to function despite your best efforts, then, needless to say, you’ve got a plumbing work emergency on your hands.

●        You need RPZ/backflow testing | Your and others’ drinking water could already be contaminated if you know you’re in need of RPZ/backflow testing. The longer you wait for RPZ/backflow testing, the higher a chance someone will become sick.


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