Your garbage disposal plays a more integral role in your kitchen than you may imagine. Sure, you could just scrape the scraps it handles into the garbage can across the room, but what’s to save your plumbing work from the ones that inevitably, at some point, will get missed? Plus, it helps to keep your sink from stinking up a storm, as it grinds up food for safe and relatively smell-free disposal. Talk about a hardworking machine!

There are times, though, that your garbage disposal might find itself ailing. Just like any other machine or piece of plumbing work, it isn’t immune to wear-and-tear, accidental misuse, or simply old age. Don’t begin to worry just yet, though; P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale plumbing work and toilet repair experts, are here to help. We’ve attended to more garbage disposals than we can count over our many years of service, and we’re here to share with you a few red flags that your kitchen’s workhorse isn’t feeling its best.

Performing a Garbage Disposal Health-Check

Though everything might be looking fine when you peer into the sink, you really can’t see how well your garbage disposal is performing with just your eyes. You’ll need to listen and put its current behavior into context in order to judge how well this machine is performing its job.

●        Have you noticed any funky sounds coming from that direction? | While an industrious-sounding hum is a sign of a healthy unit, rattling or screeching, aside from being horribly annoying, could be a sign that something is loose inside your unit. Don’t try to repair this yourself; garbage disposals aren’t just water piping. They’ve got sharp blades! A pro will be able to get your machine running safely and in no time.

●        Have you thrown anything suspicious down it recently? | Said suspicious objects can be quite strange; for example, potato peelings can turn into something quite similar to their mashed cousins once your garbage disposal has its way with them. Of course, then, your drain will become clogged in that case! Coffee grounds are another garbage-disposal no-no, as they too can cause clogs.

●        It smells. Really bad. | While it’s normal for your garbage disposal not to smell like a garden—it does deal with food waste, after all—but if nothing you do seems to relieve its horrible odor, it could be time for a thorough dismantling and cleaning.  

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As a rule, you should never do any extensive garbage disposal work yourself; water, electricity, and spinning blades don’t mix. Keep yourself safe and call P&D Mechanical of Robbinsdale for any of your garbage disposal-related needs at 763-533-2218.

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