If you take care of your plumbing work and water piping, they work like an old pair of favorite boots: reliably, efficiently, and comfortably. Your plumbing will last years if properly maintained, too, just like the aforementioned footwear! However, none of these items hold up to any kind of strain if illy taken care of; leather boots will crack and tear without oiling, and your pipes can shake from your walls and burst open.


While the consequences of neglecting a pair of shoes are soggy socks—horrible, objectively, but not disastrous—the consequences of neglecting your plumbing are much more dire. Excess moisture from leaks, for example, can set the grounds for mold infestation, a problem that requires professional help and loads of money to fix.


Thus, it’s paramount that you keep your current plumbing system running as smoothly as you can, for as long as you can—and P&D Mechanical, Robbinsdale providers of toilet repair and RPZ/backflow testing, is here to help.

Water Piping: An Owner’s Maintenance Manual

To prolong your plumbing work’s functionality, regular checkups with a professional like P&D Mechanical are essential. Even if nothing is currently wrong, a trained eye can pick up on your plumbing work’s weak points, allowing you to bolster them and become less likely to experience a break in service.


A plumbing work system that, well, works, is a long-lasting one. To prolong your plumbing work’s period of functionality, you should also:


●        Keep your water pressure where it should be.

Water pressure needs to stay in an optimal range to prevent your pipes from stressing. Ask your plumbing work professionals about it during your next appointment.


●        Clear clogs promptly.

Clogs have a way of snowballing, as they catch debris as it flows down the pipe, leading to a bigger and bigger problem. They can even cause pipe corrosion if left unchecked, so get these taken care of as soon as you notice them.


●        Avoid putting anything dicey down the drain.

Of course, it’s easy to get complacent sometimes, especially when we’re showering after a long day or are chugging through household chores. However, the fewer unwanted items that slip down your drain, the better, as they can cause the aforementioned clogs. Ask your plumbing work expert what your system is made to handle.

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