Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the unthinkable happens: a pipe bursts.


As we head towards winter and with colder temperatures on the horizon, this plumbing-work disaster becomes all the more common. Ice builds up inside your water piping, putting increased strain on it and eventually leading to leaks of massive proportions. While ice buildup isn’t the only cause of burst pipes, given the wrath of Minnesotan winters, it certainly is a common one.


Of course, there are plenty of ways to prepare your water piping for winter, but like we said—sometimes something unpredictable happens, and you’re left with water pouring through your living room. While soggy carpet is certainly an unpleasant sensation, now isn’t the time to cringe. It’s time to take action and save your home!

Burst Water Piping: First Aid Before a Professional Arrives

Of course, once you remedy the immediate issue, you’ll want to get a professional’s hands on deck to diagnose the deeper problem and get your plumbing work functioning again. A burst pipe, like we said, can stem from many things, so to avoid making matters worse, get someone who is experienced to help find the root cause.


In the meantime, here’s how to get a handle on this sloshy situation:


1.      Shut off your water supply. This stops any more water than what’s already in your pipes from flowing through the leak. The valve with which to do this tends to be located in the basement. If you don’t have a clue where it is, go find it now, before your home is in any immediate danger.


2.      Open up your faucets. Do this after you’ve shut off your water supply. It can let you know if you’ve turned the right valve, in addition to relieving pressure on the ailing pipe. What water that was in your plumbing work should drain out of your faucets until, eventually, no more comes through.


3.      Start with water removal if pertinent and necessary. Be sure to record the damage first for insurance purposes first! If you’ve got a full-out flood on your hands, it’s smart to turn off the electricity before you begin to rescue your belongings so that you can begin to remove the water. Wet vacs, dehumidifiers, towels, and even buckets can all work to help get the worst of the mess out from your home and prevent further damage.

Burst Pipe? P&D Mechanical can Be There in a Flash

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