As the summer winds down and fall begins, a sad reality approaches: you’ll soon need to close up your three-season cabin for the winter. While you’re busy getting the most out of your cabin before the cold sets in, now isn’t the time to shirk maintenance tasks—namely, winterizing your plumbing. A burst pipe is not something you want to stumble upon come spring, when all you want is to get back out on the lake!

Luckily, winterizing your cabin need not be tricky or time-consuming with the help of P&D Mechanical, Robbinsdale plumbing work and water piping experts. Simply request an estimate, and we’ll be right on over to address any concerns. From toilet repair to water heater replacement, we’ll get all required maintenance tasks done before you close up shop for the season.

 Simple winterization tasks for your cabin’s plumbing can often be done on one’s own, though. Below, we’ll share such tasks, as well as a couple that you should call a professional for.

How to Winterize Cabin Plumbing: The Basics

Doing this right requires a keen eye for detail and, yes, a bit of well-warranted anxiety. Like we said above, failure to winterize your three-season cabin’s plumbing can have disastrous consequences. You won’t be around for the season to address plumbing problems as they crop up, so preventative action is essential.


●        Turn your plumbing water off at the source. We’ll do this for you if you give us a call, if you don’t want to go through the extensive process of finding the main valve and completing the task on your own.


●        Drain any appliance that uses water. This can include your water heater. Since you won’t be using these appliances over the winter, it doesn’t make sense to have them ready and waiting. In addition, and more importantly, water expands when it freezes, meaning that it can cause undue strain on said appliances resulting in cracks and the need for professional repair come spring.


●        Drain the pipes. This means draining them of water, so that water has no opportunity to expand and become damaging ice. Even if you’ve insulated your pipes, you still must take this precautionary measure. It’s quite a long process and one that often requires specialized knowledge of how plumbing works, so give P&D Mechanical a call now and forego the expensive (and sometimes accident-ridden) learning process.


P&D Mechanical Is Ready to Help With All of Your Winterization Needs

Whether it’s your heating system or your water piping that needs attention, we’d be more than happy to provide. Enjoy these last few warm days at the cabin and give us a call at 763-533-2218.

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