Fall is so atmospheric, isn’t it? Warm-toned leaves and that nip in the air can sometimes make you feel as though you’re in a painting come to life. But that aforementioned nip shouldn’t just be enjoyed; it should also be a signal that it’s time to winterize your home—namely, your plumbing work.

 Yes, your plumbing work! While it may come as a shock, your plumbing simply will not survive through the winter without your help—if it has in the past, it’s no doubt ailing now. Indeed, winterizing your plumbing work helps it to stand strong against Minnesota’s wildly fluctuating temperatures. While those temperatures annoy you, you can get away from them in your warm home or dress warmly to resist them; imagine what they’d do to a defenseless plumbing system!

 P&D Mechanical is here to help you prepare your plumbing for winter. As water piping and toilet repair experts, we’ve helped countless plumbing systems bundle up, so to speak, and countless homeowners see their homes safely to spring. If what’s written below seems overwhelming, feel free to give us a call!

How to Winterize Your Plumbing in 3 Simple Steps

Of course, winterization tends to be a multifaceted process, and everyone’s plumbing work is different. You may need to go through all of the following processes, simply a few of them, or additional ones that aren’t listed here. Again, for personalized help, drop us a line!


●        Inspect all your pipes for pre-winter damage. This damage is only likely to get worse after the first frost, as cold weather is hard on pipes on its own. Consult your home’s plumbing blueprint, if you have one, and mark off areas as you finish them. You’re looking for pre-existing leaks (which should be easy to spot) or rust.


●        Consider giving your external fixtures a new paint job. It lets you express your individuality a bit, sure, but paining faucets and the like a bright color can help your plumber find them should they need to make repairs in poor-visibility conditions. We recommend yellow or orange.


●        Drain pipes that won’t be used at all. Certain external fixtures, like the ones you use to water your garden in the spring, get a season off after the cold weather hits. Drain these fixtures and their pipes of water to prevent nasty ice damage that you might not even stumble upon until the spring.

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