Times are tough, monetarily speaking, these days, and it sometimes can seem like the weather outside is only getting hotter. Of course, your water bills are going up! From your kids running through the sprinklers to the increased showers you’re probably taking to keep yourself clean, you’re using more water each and every day.


Indeed, it can sometimes seem as though your water bills are an uncontrollable expense, but they don’t have to be. By paying attention to your water piping and plumbing work, you can save money, in the long run, this summer, and do the environment a favor while you’re at it. Read on to discover how to pinch pennies when it comes to your water bill, brought to you straight from the water piping experts at P&D Mechanical.

First Thing’s First: Hire Professional Help

Yes, you heard correct! Saving money, in the long run, does require an investment of funds upfront in the hiring of a professional. This isn’t just so you have stress-free water piping solutions at your disposal—a professional can go a long way towards ensuring the efficiency of your current plumbing work while also identifying problems that may impede it.


●        With professional help, you can rest easy knowing leaks are nonexistent |  It’s no secret that the water spent from leaky fixtures or water pipes can certainly add up, as can the MacGyvering of DIY fixing methods. Professional plumbers have the training and experience to stop leaks in their tracks, thus halting the substantial cash flow required to sustain them. 

●        Professionals can suggest more efficient fixtures | It’s not just your water piping that determines your water bill; which fixtures (faucets, showerheads, ETC) you use also plays a role. The purchasing of low-flow fixtures as part of your toilet repair or other regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance can decrease your water usage significantly.

●        Professionals can help you determine situation-specific water-saving techniques for you | Perhaps you use your shower frequently, or maybe you need water heater replacement so that you don’t need to go through gallons of cold water before the warm kicks in. Every home can make an individual plan to reduce its water usage, and a professional will be your number one ally in this respect.

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