Contamination – the very word can send shivers down any smart homeowner’s spine. Indeed, it’s used in countless industries and contexts, but the contamination you, as a Minnesotan family, need to worry about is water contamination. When your plumbing work or water piping becomes infected with pathogens (bacteria or protozoa, to name a few) or other unsanitary particles, your family can quickly and easily become sick – and not just with a cold. Contamination can lead to a variety of deadly waterborne diseases that require immediate medical attention, and which are doubly harmful in the immunocompromised, young, and old.


Everyone deserves safe and clean drinking water, but how can you tell if your plumbing work provides? P&D Mechanical is here to help. As Robbinsdale professionals in plumbing work, toilet repair, and RPZ/backflow testing, we’re here to share our knowledge about ensuring potable water, as well as how to know if your water piping is decidedly contaminated.

Signs of Water Contamination Aren’t Always Obvious

While cloudy water might seem unappetizing, for example, it’s not always unsafe to drink. This can, in some cases, simply be caused by naturally-occurring minerals that are perfectly safe for you and your family. If your water looks weird, a plumbing work expert can tell you if it’s something you need to worry about or simply a cosmetic problem that can be fixed by installing a filter.


More definite signs of contaminated water (which you should certainly stop drinking) include the following:


●        Government advisories. Certainly, if your municipality has tried to reach you about your water being unsafe, listen to them. If they haven’t yet, now’s the time to figure out how they will make contact, so that you’ll know to take immediate precautions if your water is deemed unfit for consumption.


●        A leaky pipe. While this isn’t a hard-and-fast sign, a breakage in your piping can provide a handy entrance for any number of viruses and bacteria. Call a professional plumber like us if you notice this problem.


●        Your water is dark. While cloudy water is one thing, dark water is another. Outright discoloration in the form of brown or yellow water is a sign that, at the very least, you should have your water tested and your plumbing work tested.


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