As the weather warms and you and your family begin to spend more and more time outside, perhaps the last thing on your mind is your plumbing work. Long hikes and lakeside vacations can quickly mean your home’s water piping falls by the wayside. It’s for this reason that summertime is the perfect season for plumbing issues to crop up, resulting in water damage and even mold infestations if you’re unlucky. The heat and humidity that come with the Minnesotan warm season will only exacerbate these issues, so it’s crucial that you learn to spot summer plumbing issues before they snowball and require costly remediation services.


But is there really all that much of a difference between summer plumbing issues and those that crop up in other seasons? Aren’t they all the same thing at the end of the day: plumbing issues that require professional help? Why should you care which season they occur during? The reason is complicated, as those that involve plumbing work often are. P&D Mechanical, as Robbinsdale experts in water piping, toilet repair, and heating work, simplifies below.

Why Certain Plumbing Arise in the Summer

Just like pipes are likely to burst as a result of the wintertime cold, you’re likely to encounter certain plumbing problems more frequently in the summer than you would in the colder season. While all these things are indeed plumbing problems for which you should call professionals, the signs and symptoms they present can look similar to the untrained eye. To best mitigate the damage until help arrives, it benefits you to learn how seasons affect what issues your plumbing might encounter.


As far as summer is concerned, these can include:


●        Drainage problems. As more debris gets tracked in from inside and showering becomes more frequent, your showers’ drains could become slow-moving and clogged. While in the wintertime this could be caused by ice blockages, in the summer it tends to be caused by other obstructions.


●        Tree root problems. Because plant life flourishes in the summer, large tree roots can often begin to intrude on your plumbing, causing symptoms that can mimic those of frozen pipes but which obviously require a different course of action.


●        Garbage disposal problems. As summer rolls around, many families begin to eat more fruits. Be careful what you toss in the garbage disposal! Clogs can crop up just as frequently in the summer as they do around the busy holiday season.

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