With the state of the world as it is, it’s understandable to want to do a little bargain shopping for things you’d normally spend a little more on. From buying off-brand foods to switching to a cheaper cell service provider, your family might be making any number of changes in an attempt to live more frugally.


You also might be tempted to follow a similar logic with your plumbing work. Though you may have always hired a top-notch professional like P&D Mechanical in the past, you could be considering, say, having your next-door neighbor, who allegedly does all their own plumbing, take care of that pesky leak in your bathroom. They seem to have decent tools, and you’ve never had problems with their attitude in the past when you’ve exchanged words over the fence. What could go wrong?


Quite a bit, actually. As experts in everything from toilet repair to water piping, we at P&D Mechanical are here to say that, in our industry, cheaper isn’t always better.

You Get What You Pay For

As plumbing industry professionals, we know a lot goes into being good at what we do, which includes training, certifications, time, effort, and perhaps, most importantly, specialized tools. When you invest the money to pay for a high-quality professional, you’re paying for experience and know-how, on top of all the dedication it takes to get to where that professional is in the industry. Good work doesn’t come cheaply.


Of course, there is definitely something to be said for plumbers, like us, who strive to keep their prices as low as they can. Generally speaking, if a price seems drastically below the market average, you probably won’t get the kind of service you’re looking for.


When you pay a little more for your plumbing work, you also:


●        Create higher stakes for the professional at hand | The more you’re paying for service, the more you should expect from that service. Your hired help has an image to maintain, and with their higher price point, they’ll be more motivated to do so.

●        Get peace of mind | Because of the aforementioned stakes, as a client, you get to rest easy, given that there’s plenty assuring you that your plumbing work will be taken care of.

●        Save money and hassle in the future | Nobody wants to pay for service again and again when the problem could have been taken care of in a single visit. With the experience of a more expensive plumber, these problems can be detected early, which saves you cash and stress.

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