Whether it’s a quaint old farmhouse or a vintage chic condominium, there’s a certain kind of charm that old dwellings carry with them. Unfortunately, there’s a certain maintenance requirement to them, too—namely, when it comes to your plumbing work. Outdated water piping and old appliances mean that your old house faces a unique set of problems that newer homes may not. Failure to attend to these problems when they are small arguably creates a larger risk of damage than in new homes, as old pipes are decidedly less hardy than their newer brethren and are more liable to break under strain.


 Don’t fret, though! With the help of P&D Mechanical, toilet repair and plumbing work experts, you can live safely and comfortably in your older home, without fear of pipes bursting in the night or your toilet suddenly failing. To do so, though, you’ll need to learn to identify plumbing problems commonly faced by age homes, so you know when to call us for help. Below, we’ve provided a brief primer on the topic.

A Primer’s Preamble: Go With Your Gut

It’s impossible to list all possible plumbing problems here, so we’ll start by saying this: if something seems off about your old home’s plumbing, it probably is. Don’t play things off as just one of the “quirks” your aged home has. Its plumbing should still function serviceably and efficiently, and if it doesn’t, it’s probably doing damage to your home or pocketbook in one way or another.

 With that out of the way, here are a few common issues to keep an eye out for if your home is old:


●        Pipes that are out-of-date | While many of your old home’s features can make the leap into the 21st century just fine, your water piping is one thing that can’t. Old and corroded pipes can cause anything from drops in pressure to discolored drinking water. If either of these occurs in your old home, look to your water piping as the prime suspect.

●        Fixtures that leak | The washers and metal in old-time fixtures can’t last forever; they’re liable to lose their functionality over time. Small leaks can add up to big bills, so be sure to get any leaks checked out ASAP by a plumbing work professional.

●        Drainage issues | You can take amazing care of your old house’s drains, but multiple previous families might not have. A professional plumber can get your drains working again if it looks like they need some TLC.

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