Our bathrooms are an integral part of our households—especially our toilets, for obvious reasons. It’s because this fixture is so critical to a functioning home that it’s easy to take it for granted. After all, when was the last time you looked over your toilet to see if it needs repairs? People don’t often stop to consider this appliance’s welfare until it ceases to function, and they have a gigantic problem on their hands!

 At P&D Mechanical, we understand the importance of toilets to a proper household; why else would we specialize in toilet repair and talk to great lengths about it on our blog? In fact, a few months back, we shed some light on indicators that your toilet might be encountering problems. Check that entry out if you haven’t already! However, knowing those signs is not the same thing as being able to identify the problem that causes them. It’s only by familiarizing yourself with both that you can properly care for your toilet, as well as know when to opt for professional toilet repair.

 For the benefit of our clients, both present and future, we give an overview of the mechanics of toilets below and point out potential problem areas as we go.

Toilets are More Complicated Than They Seem

Toilets work via a complicated network of air pockets and water piping. As you flush the toilet and it refills, air pressure, gravity, and water interact to both fill the bowl and move wastewater away. It really is a fascinating and multifaceted process! However, because so many parts are involved in the workings of a typical toilet, you can easily encounter problems such as:


●        A worn-out flapper | This part of the toilet is what prevents excess water from flowing back into the bowl after it fills. Because it’s such an integral part of a working toilet, it tends to wear out quickly. Many toilet issues and sky-high water bills are the faults of a problematic flapper.

●        A non-functioning ballcock | This piece of equipment helps to dictate how much water fills the tank, which is the reservoir of clean water in your toilet that allows the bowl to flush. Malfunctioning ballcock assemblies can make your toilet overflow—quite the nasty problem to have!

●        Cracks in your toilet’s exterior | Taking so much weight over the years can easily cause deterioration in your toilet’s exterior parts. If your appliance has sprung a leak that doesn’t seem to be connected to any valve or piping, check what you can see for cracks.

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