Kitchen Remodling MinneapolisNothing is quite as exciting as having your kitchen remodeled. Whether or not you consider it the most important room in the house, it’s likely where you and your guests spend the most time. Nearly everybody has one small detail they would like to change about their kitchen, and during a remodel you have the chance to address that detail. Unfortunately, a kitchen remodel can also be intimidating. You have to make choices you’re going to live with for years to come! Consider a few details with each of those decisions and trust yourself; it’s going to turn out great.



You could arguably give this designation to the stove and oven, but the sink is really the workhorse of the kitchen. Whether you’re filling a pot with water before cooking or washing it afterwards, everything goes to the sink before and after being used at the stove. Consider what looks amazing, because, admittedly you want something that looks amazing, but also consider practicality and the features you’ll need every day as you use the sink for its intended purpose.


Stove and Oven

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, if the sink isn’t the focal point it’s going to be the stove and oven combo. Of course, there are options for an oven that is separate from the stove top, but because of the convenience they tend to be attached as a single unit in a typical American home. There are plenty of options. Whether you want a glass top or traditional electric coil, or perhaps the safety and efficiency of an induction burner, or the sheer delight of cooking with a gas stove, you’ll be using that stove and oven for years to come. The best way to make that choice is to try out different cooking styles and equipment at your friends’ houses. You can trust that nobody is going to complain if you ask to cook dinner so you can test different styles of kitchens.



The dishwasher is often considered an afterthought. However, it’s an important piece of equipment just like the other kitchen appliances. Again, there are options and considerations to be made before deciding on the purchase. Someone who lives in a drought area with access to solar or wind energy may decide on a different model than someone whose well draws from a stable water table but draws electricity from the local coal plant.


After you have picked out the right appliances and worked through the layout of your kitchen you will need to have a trusted plumber to help you execute your plan. Contact P&D Mechanical to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

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