Are you looking into spring home maintenance? At P&D Mechanical, we commend you. As the weather becomes more temperate and the days become longer, it’s the perfect time to take care of your home, both indoors and out—not to mention that it’s the responsible thing to do.


Don’t forget your plumbing work in this process! As we’ve stated before, spring is a time in which the needs for toilet repair or the like will often present themselves. With warmer temperatures hitting the state, ice melts, meaning that previously invisible leaks (to the average person, anyway!) can suddenly become massive issues. Nobody likes soggy drywall or sagging ceilings, after all, and that includes your pocketbook.


P&D Mechanical is here to help with any of your springtime water piping needs, and we’re also here to educate you about those needs. Below, we’ll discuss in greater detail a few of the plumbing problems your Minnesota home could run into this spring season so that you know how to stop them before they snowball into something, well, unstoppable.

When in Doubt, Call P&D Mechanical

It’s the most solid advice we can give when it comes to spring plumbing work, heating work, or even garbage disposal work. After all, there’s a reason professional businesses like us exist.  Plumbing and the appliances that we rely on are complex, multifaceted pieces of equipment. If you’re not sure if something is a problem, to avoid making it worse, you’d be wise to call P&D Mechanical to come to take a look. Your family needs water to survive, and water is also a surprisingly destructive force when it comes into contact with things it isn’t supposed to.


Without further ado, we present a few plumbing issues that commonly manifest as the weather warms.


●        Low water pressure | Is your shower just not spraying like it used to? Poor water pressure is a common springtime occurrence and can be caused by anything from rust to leaks.

●        Leaking pipes | Of course, this plumbing problem can pop up at any time of year, but it commonly becomes obvious in the spring in the form of puddles and water damage. Minor cracks in your pipes can go into a hibernation of sorts over the winter, as frozen water or contracted piping prevents them from becoming an issue.

●        Drainage problems | Anything from intrusive tree roots to mineral buildup can stop your plumbing appliances from draining as they should.

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