It’s springtime! While the birds are singing, the kids are racing outside, and it can be tempting to break out the barbeque up here in Minnesota, temperatures and weather permitting, of course, this is no time to forget about your home’s maintenance—specifically, your plumbing work and water piping. These parts of your home have worked long and hard to weather the winter cold while continuing to do their jobs. It’s about time you take a look at them to make sure they’re still going strong!


P&D Mechanical is here to help with that. As Robbinsdale providers of everything from heating work to toilet repair, we’ve seen it all when it comes to problems in these areas, and the spring weather can bring quite the deluge of them. Below, we’ll talk about some common plumbing issues your home might face in the spring, as well as what the responsible homeowner should do to remedy them.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

A quick internet search of your problem with plumbing can yield an infinite number of DIY how-to’s, so you might be tempted to fix some of your spring plumbing issues yourself. If the solution is straightforward enough to do yourself, then the problem should be too, yes?


The problem with this line of thinking is that plumbing problems are often anything but straightforward. A simple leak, for example, can stem from high water pressure. You might be able to fix the leak, but a professional like P&D Mechanical will be able to fix that leak, tell what caused it, and address the root of the problem. To handle spring plumbing woes, always call someone in with the proper experience.


Common spring plumbing issues include:


●        Cracks in your pipes | During the colder months, water in your pipes may expand and contract as it solidifies into ice. Metal, too, grows and shrinks similarly when exposed to temperature changes, which are more likely to happen as the weather warms. All this means is that, as spring rolls around, your pipes are under a great deal of stress, which can result in cracks.

●        Sump pump issues | Because these pumps do not often run in the winter, defectiveness becomes alarmingly evident in the spring. It’s best to hire a professional to check over your pump come spring, even if things appear to be working correctly.

●        A damaged hose bib pipe | A hose bib is a spigot outside often used to connect a standard garden hose. The pipe connected to the hose bib is vulnerable to damage from cold winter temperatures, something that often doesn’t become evident until homeowners use their hoses again in the spring.

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