Back in December, we talked a bit about how to spot a high-caliber provider of plumbing work and water piping maintenance. If you didn’t see that post, click here to view it! In a nutshell, though, we proposed a list of questions you should ask to determine the type of service you will receive from any given plumbing work company:

●        What’s your experience with the repair in question?

●        Does your company have multiple areas of expertise?

●        Is your company active in the community?


We at P&D Mechanical didn’t have the space to answer our own questions in that blog post, but we’re here to answer them now! Below, you’ll learn a little more about our business philosophy, as well as how we strive to be the best Robbinsdale plumbing work providers for all of your needs. Let’s dive in.

What’s Your Experience with the Repair in Question?

Of course, that depends on what the repair in question is! However, when you work with P&D Mechanical, you can trust that we’ll be upfront and honest about the extent of the damage your plumbing is currently suffering, how long it will take to fix it, and how much we plan to charge. We understand that we’re experts in the plumbing field, and we work to communicate with our clients in a way that they can understand, so you’ll always get a straightforward answer to the aforementioned question.

Does Your Company Have Multiple Areas of Expertise?

Indeed we do! At P&D Mechanical, our technicians can handle anything from plumbing work to heating work to boiler replacement. There’s almost no end to what we can replace and fix. Our interdisciplinary knowledge enables us to look at your plumbing work problems from multiple standpoints, which allows us to pinpoint the true source of whatever is causing your water woes. We might even find problems you didn’t even know existed while we’re at work!

Is Your Company Active in the Community?

Of course. Being active in the community is extremely important to us. We advertise at local churches and community venues, and we care deeply about our senior customers. In fact, we offer them a special rate for our services. It’s the least we can do to return their lifetime of service to our society.

We Make Every Effort to be the Best Plumbing Work Company for Your Needs

Are you interested in only the best plumbing work in the area? P&D Mechanical is here to provide. Give us a call now at 763-533-2218.

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