Garbage disposals have made their mark as a useful kitchen tool. From saving us time washing up after meals to keeping our kitchen workspaces clean as a whistle, the applications of this appliance are nearly endless. If you live with a garbage disposal in your home, you are probably already well aware of this!

However, you might still be a little fuzzy on garbage disposal care. After all, it isn’t like there is a tried-and-true book that goes into the little details of how to keep your garbage disposal working as long as possible! Thus, much of proper garbage disposal care is learned via trial and error, but it doesn’t have to be. As providers of water piping maintenance and plumbing work, P&D Mechanical of Robbinsdale, is here to help. Below, we briefly talk about how to best take care of this hardworking and important home appliance.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Garbage disposals don’t need to be treated like an antique. After all, they’re designed for chopping up food scraps into the tiniest of bits, so they’re tough pieces of machinery. You shouldn’t need to constantly worry about the well-being of your garbage disposal, but a little TLC and respect won’t hurt it.


●        Make sure to run it periodically, even if you don’t have anything to grind up | Some sources say the blades can rust from lack of use, presumably because they’re generally right below your kitchen sink. Although, if you’re using your garbage disposal daily, you have nothing to worry about.

●        Feed your garbage disposal soft foods only | As tough as the blades in your garbage disposal are, they certainly don’t appreciate bones or fatty foods. Grinding bones is hard on the blades, and excessive fat can clog your pipes. Be gentle to your garbage disposal, and only use it for soft foods that don’t expand in water.

●        Let a professional handle repairs | Garbage disposals can be dangerous to work with, what, with their connection to your plumbing and their sharp blades, which have the potential to spin. If absolutely anything goes wrong with your garbage disposal, contact the experts at P&D Mechanical to ensure a swift and safe repair.

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