Chances are when you turn on your kitchen sink to wash a plate, or when you wash your hands after using the bathroom, you’re not thinking about the faucet itself. Your mind is either focused on the task at hand or wandering to an unrelated thought entirely. With our fast-paced, modern lives, this is to be expected. We may believe we have so many more important, groundbreaking things to think about. Why spend time worrying about our faucets?


However, allowing a faucet to bear the brunt of neglect can lead to countless undesirable outcomes, from damage to your plumbing to an increase in your water bill, due to leaks. Therefore, faucets are just as deserving of your attention as a homeowner as any other household appliance.


How can you tell if your faucets are working properly, and there aren’t any problems hiding right under your nose? P&D Mechanical, a Robbinsdale provider of water piping work and plumbing work, has some tips below.

Just Because Everything Looks Fine Doesn’t Mean It Is

In a way, faucets are a lot like people. Even though they may look fine and functional, there could very well be hidden problems lurking beneath the surface that can be difficult to detect with a cursory glance. In other words, this means that it pays to have a professional regularly inspect your faucets, along with periodically doing the applicable RPZ/backflow testing.


However, even with the proper preventative maintenance, things can still go wrong with your faucets. Signs of problems include:


●        Lack of water pressure | This can be difficult to detect, as water pressure often decreases, so slowly, you might not notice it until it has snowballed into something huge. Sometimes, if your faucet seems sluggish, it’s not the water pressure that’s the problem, but the faucet itself. Clogs are a frequent culprit. Regular inspections can help prevent water pressure issues, which can cause major property damage, should a leak occur.

●        A leaky faucet | No, it’s not just an inconvenience. A leaky faucet quickly can rack up your water bill, not to mention needlessly increase your environmental impact. Anything from corrosion to mineral deposits can cause leaks, so contact a professional to pinpoint the specific problem.

●        A noisy faucet | This is another issue that’s more than an inconvenience. Because an unusually noisy faucet can signal anything from a defective washer to problems further down the pipes, it necessitates the expert eye of a plumbing work professional.

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