Any Minnesotan will be able to tell you about the importance of preparing your water pipes for winter. With how moody the temperatures get around this time of year, the water inside improperly prepared pipes can freeze, which causes the pipes to expand in volume and put excess strain on the pipes themselves. Because metal becomes brittle in cold temperatures, this can quickly lead to the pipes bursting—an event that can have severe consequences for your home’s infrastructure, not to mention it makes for a horribly extensive cleanup job.

Below, P&D Mechanical, a provider of heating and plumbing work, will discuss the damages that can occur from a frozen pipe.

Frozen Pipes are Equivalent to a Plumbing Failure

When your pipes freeze up, bursting is likely to follow, even if the water inside your pipes isn’t frozen solid throughout the entire system. A buildup of ice at any point in your water piping system stops water from progressing through it as normal, which puts pressure on your system in ways it is not mechanically designed to handle. This excess pressure can eventually result in pipes splitting open, which can spray water everywhere!

Further consequences of a burst pipe include:


●        That pipe needing replacement or repairs | A burst pipe is a bit like a straw with a hole in it—it can’t do its job without spilling, and even then, it is remarkably inefficient. Your burst pipe will certainly need repair or replacement from an experienced provider of plumbing work.

●        A flooded home | Of course, your home isn’t designed to weather gallons upon gallons of water spilling outside of their designated confines. Even a couple of inches of standing water could, depending on the type of flooring you own, mean thousands of dollars spent on remediation. A burst pipe is no laughing matter. It should always be treated as a dire plumbing failure.

●        Your family or business going without running water | Mitigating the physical damage a burst pipe causes often requires shutting off your running water supply, so you can stop the water from flowing where it isn’t supposed to. Of course, this means no running water—no showers, no hand-washing, no using the bathroom. Talk about unsanitary and certainly inconvenient!


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