Electricity costs seem to skyrocket year after year. Many homeowners find that it costs more to cool and heat their home than the previous years. For that reason, many homeowners here in Minneapolis are looking for every way possible to save energy, which will also save money. Some may be wondering whether ceiling fans may be the answer. Fortunately, the answer is easy and it is one you will want to hear: yes!

When compared to running central heat and air, operating a ceiling fan is going to cost you significantly less each month. When using a ceiling fan in the summer, you want to raise the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees, which will reduce the amount of electricity being transmitted, lower your carbon footprint and save you substantial money.

In order for ceiling fans to actually save money like they should, you have to follow a few steps and remember a few things, including:

  • When on, ceiling fans will cool you down or help warm you up. However, they will do nothing for "things" in the room. Therefore, there is no reason for them to be on when you or another individual is not in the room. When your leave the room, turn the ceiling fan off as you go.
  • Ceiling fans with a large diameter will be able to move an abundance of air economically. This means that a fan is able to take chilled air from your air conditioner for a significant period of time after the air conditioner shuts off.
  • Ceilings fans work to cool by a wind chill effect. In other words, you can have your air conditioner thermostat set at 78 degrees, but if your ceiling fan is turned on and moving air, it will feel like 74 degrees.
  • During colder months, you can also use your ceiling fan. However, it must be on reverse mode and on low speed to achieve the best effect. It works by circulating the warmer air at the ceiling toward the floor, which can be extremely helpful with high ceilings. The University of Arkansas says that you can reduce your heating costs in the winter by as much as 30 percent with a ceiling fan.

If you would like to learn more about how ceiling fans can help you save money on your energy bill or would like to request a quote for ceiling fan replacement or installation, give us a call today. A ceiling fan should definitely be a part of your upcoming remodel and we would love to discuss with you how we can help you save money.

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