Winter is almost here, and with it comes higher heating bills! No matter how efficient your energy system is, the undeniable fact is it gets cold around these parts means you’ll be using more of your heating this time of year. If you need heating work, now’s the time to get it done, lest your family or business be stranded without warmth this holiday season.


If you use a heat pump to warm and cool your business, make sure to assess it before you get snowed in. P&D Mechanical, a Robbinsdale provider of plumbing work, heating work, radiant floor heating, and boiler replacement, explains below how to know if it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

Can Your Heat Pump Handle the Cold?

Heat pumps work by moving warm air into colder spaces and vice versa, which then heats or cools a building. They’re an efficient and green way to control a building’s temperature. However, all heat pumps will eventually need a replacement. No matter how nice of a model your home or business uses, the mechanical nature of heat pumps means they can’t last forever.


The good news is that it’s easy to tell if your heat pump needs replacement. Watch for the following signs:


●        A noisy system | Ideally, a mechanical device should run without much friction from internal parts rubbing against one another; any noise coming from your heat pump is a sign that things aren’t working as they should. In the correct circumstances, an overly noisy unit could require outright replacement.

●        A consistent need for repairs | It’s normal for any type of machine to need a replacement part or  maintenance services now and again. However, if your heat pump is breaking down more than a couple of times within a single year, it might just be time to switch to a newer model. It’s not sensible to keep pouring money into an old system that keeps breaking!

●        Age | As stated above, no heat pump can last forever. Time wears on even the toughest models. If your heat pump is more than 15-years-old, it probably isn’t working as efficiently as it could be. Newer models could have energy-saving improvements, which means a new system could potentially pay for itself.

In Need of Industrial Heat Pump Replacement? P&D Mechanical Has You Covered

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