It’s only autumn now, but any Minnesotan will tell you that winter is right around the corner. It’s time to prepare for icy roads, below zero temperatures, and loads and loads of snow.


Because of how harsh our climate is, many longtime residents of our state tend to adopt regular winterization practices. Year in and year out, they have a ritualistic approach to getting their homes ready to weather the weather—and any Minnesotan will tell you that plumbing work plays a big role in this process. Unwanted ice can severely damage your home’s infrastructure, after all, and frozen piping can mean your family is left without potable water. Neither of these situations are ideal, to say the least!


If you’re new to the state or simply need a refresher on how to properly prepare your plumbing for winter, P&D Mechanical of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, is here to help. You’ll find a few tips from us below.

Check and Check Again: Winterization in a Nutshell

Proper plumbing work winterization requires that you be keen-eyed and vigilant. Any appliance that uses water in your home warrants a good once-over. Check for obvious leaks, especially in appliances that heat water. Metal piping expands and contracts as its temperature changes, which will only exacerbate any existing tears in your pipes.


Aside from checking for leaks, what can you do to prevent a wintertime plumbing disaster?


●        Locate your water main. In short, this is a part of your piping that allows you to shut off your entire water system. It often is located on the perimeter of your house (though the location can vary) and is controlled by a knife-style valve, hande, round knob, or nut. Cutting off your water supply acts like a failsafe, as it stops water gushing everywhere from a burst pipe, regardless of where that burst occurred. In the winter, this failsafe can stop an icy, financially-draining disaster!

●        Wrap your pipes. Any pipe that isn’t sheltered by your home’s insulation system needs to be wrapped in heat tape or otherwise protected from the cold. Otherwise, be prepared for bursting.

●        Take care of your water heater. Water heater replacement is needed every ten years or so anyway, but proper care can extend its lifetime. To prevent your water heater from quitting on you midwinter ( making your life extremely unpleasant, to say the least), drain it and scrub it out before cold temperatures arrive.

P&D Mechanical: Your Plumbing Work and Heating Work Experts

As a Minnesotan company, P&D Mechanical knows how to get your home ready for our treacherous wintertime climate. Keep your family warm and your pipes working this winter and give us a call today at 763-533-2218.

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