Toilets: we don’t go around talking about them, but we all know they serve a crucial function. We also all know it’s imperative that we keep our toilets in working order, for the sake of our water bill, our home’s infrastructure, and general sanitation purposes.


However, the average homeowner might not know subtler signs that they might be in need of toilet repair. Sure, it’s fairly obvious if the thing’s spraying water everywhere, but the not-so-obvious signs that lead up to that disaster are easy to miss. Think about it: when was the last time you checked in on your toilet?


That’s why P&D Mechanical, Robbinsdale provider of plumbing work and water piping, has put together below a brief list of subtle signs your toilet might be in need of repair.

Sign 1: Your Toilet Clogs Frequently

Keep track: does your toilet clog more than once per week? If so, it might not be your digestive system that’s the problem. There are parts in your toilet that manage flushing power that might need replacement. Alternatively, there could be a blockage somewhere further down your water piping that’s interfering with your toilet’s ability to do its job. Regardless, professional toilet repair is certainly in order in this circumstance.

Sign 2: The Bowl Does Not Fill After Flushing

Every toilet has a fill valve that regulates the flow of water into the bowl, but every toilet model is made differently. Proper repair of a broken valve therefore requires trade knowledge of toilet parts. It also requires a trained and steady hand. If your toilet bowl isn’t filling, it’s best to get a professional on the case.

Sign 3: Suctioning and Gurgling Noises From your Shower or Tub

When you suspect a troubled toilet, you probably wouldn’t think to listen to your other bathroom fixtures to determine the cause. However, your plumbing is an interconnected system; a problem in one part can quickly cause strange things to happen in others. A clogged drain vent in your toilet can cause bubbling noises to come up through the drains of your tub or sink. To prevent your toilet’s drain vent from clogging completely, rendering the toilet unusable, it’s best to have a professional plumber take a look.

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