Minnesotan winters are cold and harsh, with temperatures frequently dipping below negative 30 degrees. Icy roads and doors frozen shut are common occurrences, and snow days just don’t bring the kind of joy they used too; it’s just too darn cold.


As much as none of us want to think about it, though, winter is right around the corner! For your own safety and comfort, it’s crucial to give your home a thorough check and winterization, starting with your heating system. P&D Mechanical, a Robbinsdale expert in heating work and radiant floor heating, explains below how to help your heating system can handle a tough Minnesota winter.

Check and Check Again

It cannot be understated how cold it gets here. An inefficient or broken heating system can be disastrous, costing you hundreds of dollars or more in extra bills, not to mention taking a toll on the environment! You must check and double check almost every part of your heating system to ensure everything is not just in working order, but in tip-top shape. This includes:


●        Searching for leaks. The only way to ensure all the air your heating system warms gets where you need is to hire a professional to seal leaks. Doing so ensures an even heating process, as well as maximum efficiency. Common areas for leaks include the baseboards, your dryer’s external events, and frames surrounding windows and doors. It’s also helpful to seal areas in your home where you experience drafts.

●        Letting your ceiling fans help you out. It may seem counterproductive to run fans in the wintertime, but proper circulation of the air in the room can actually push warm air downward and heat the room. Check the settings on your system to make sure your fans aren’t doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

●        Checking if you can use light to your advantage. Heating systems and radiant floors work hard in the winter; you can give yours a break by using sunlight to help heat certain areas of your home. Open the curtains to let the light in, but be sure you’ve sealed your windows beforehand to prevent drafts!

Call the Professionals at P&D Mechanical for a Proper Winterization

It isn’t just your heating system that needs to be prepared for winter. Plumbing work and water piping inspections are both necessary tasks—not just for your property’s value, but for your family’s safety. Luckily. P&D Mechanical has years of experience providing these services. If you would like to know more about our products and services, then call us at 763-533-2218. You can also message us on our contact page.

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