Ever since the environmental movements of the 1960s and 1970s, sustainability and green living has been a concern that weighs heavily on many Americans’ minds—even more so after the hole in the ozone layer that made quite the scare in the 80s. Homeowners and businesses alike are today working to cut down on their carbon footprint; scientists are devising new ways to maintain modern life’s conveniences while also reducing humanity’s impact on the environment.


Enter heat pumps, the revolutionary and green way to heat and cool a building. P&D Mechanical, Robbinsdale heating work professional, explains below how these devices work, as well as what makes them a more sustainable alternative than traditional heating and air conditioners.

What are Heat Pumps?

In essence, a heat pump is a device installed outside of your building that uses a bit of energy to move heat from one location to the next. It can pull warmth out of the air and the ground to heat a building, but it can also be used in reverse to cool it.


That’s right—a heat pump can serve both as your air conditioner and your warming system. No need to purchase two separate machines. However, in particularly hot or cold climates, a heat pump might need to be paired with another machine, such as an air handler, to function efficiently.

What Makes Heat Pumps Green?

●        They only move heat. Instead of burning extra gasoline or using electricity to generate heat, heat pumps only need a small bit of energy to transfer the heat from the surrounding air or ground. They use the resources already available instead of needlessly expending energy to create more.

●        The energy they use is mostly renewable. A slight distance below the surface, the Earth keeps a consistent temperature—a temperature that increases about a degree for every seventy feet dug deeper. This thermal bank is a readily available resource that naturally regenerates itself; in other words, it’s renewable, and hardly any electricity is required to harness it.

●        Geothermal systems neutralize excess heat. Because of the Earth’s constant temperature, excess heat from your home or business can be pumped down into it to be effectively neutralized. This prevents it from rising into the atmosphere and contributing to a warming climate.

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