We’ve all been there: the faucet breaks, you need toilet repair, or your water piping freezes solid during a particularly cold winter. Since water is such an essential part of everyday life for everyone, the particularly brave or thrifty homeowner might opt to fix the problem themselves instead of waiting for a repairman.


Is this a good idea? Let’s just say there’s a reason a whole industry exists solely for plumbing work. P&D Mechanical, a Robbinsdale plumbing repair service, urges you to always call a professional for your plumbing work, for the reasons described below.

DIY Plumbing Work is Unreliable

Yes, there exist tons of plumbing tutorials online, but that’s no substitute for years of reliable service in plumbing work. When you follow a tutorial, you’re putting more faith in your layperson’s knowledge and a five-minute video than in actual on-the-job plumbing work experience. Plus, You know the old adage: don’t believe everything that’s posted on the internet. Who’s to say that these tutorials actually work on your individual plumbing system? And what if they don’t tell you what caveats to watch out for?


When you decide to go with DIY plumbing work, there’s no guarantee that any given information is reliable, nor that your repair job will be reliable in the coming years. Should you actually want your plumbing work to last, always contact a professional.

DIY Plumbing Work is Expensive

This is mostly due to its being unreliable. If your DIY repair breaks—which is likely, given the factors described in the preceding section—what will you do? If you fix it again, it costs time. It costs such a large amount of time that you’ll need to research better ways to do repairs and spend more time further assessing additional damage.


If you hire a maintenance specialist, it costs money. It will cost money the first time, too, but hiring one right off the bat prevents the problem from snowballing and becoming even more expensive to fix. It also saves you the additional cost of buying the plumbing equipment you’d need to attempt a DIY repair.

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