Garbage disposals. To many people, they seem like a luxury. How neat would it be to just toss your leftover scraps down the drain, or to never have to worry about the disgusting task of cleaning out the kitchen sink? In fact, it’s been said that that sink is the most bacteria-laden place in the house—yes, even more so than your toilet!


Unfortunately, the dubbing of garbage disposals as a luxury item has prevented many Americans from adopting one into their water piping system and adopting their numerous benefits. However, besides the obvious cleanliness, what can a garbage disposal do for your home?


Quite a bit, actually. Discover the unsung benefits of garbage disposals below with P&D Mechanical, your Robbinsdale water piping, plumbing work, and garbage disposal installation experts.

Garbage Disposals Help Save the Planet

When you use a garbage disposal, your food waste is ground up and sent to the city sewer system for safe treatment. If you were to put this waste into the garbage bin, in contrast, it would decompose in landfills and contribute to rising greenhouse gas levels and holes in the ozone layer.


But can something as simple as a household appliance help save the planet? Statistics say yes. to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), between ten and twenty of all the waste your family produces qualifies as food scraps—that is, processable by a garbage disposal. So you’ll be making a significant stride towards lowering your carbon footprint should you choose to purchase one.

Garbage Disposals Save you Money

Have you ever heard of Pay As You Throw (PAYT) programs? In communities that participate, trash collection is treated as a utility, just like electricity and water use. In other words, the more you throw away, the more you pay. Needless to say, if a garbage disposal can take care of ten to twenty percent of household waste, it can also take care of ten to twenty percent of your PAYT bill.


But what if you don’t live in these communities? Garbage disposals are still economical. Regardless of if you like it or not, food waste is going to end up in your kitchen sink; having a garbage disposal reduces the likelihood of clogged pipes, which can be costly and time-consuming to repair.

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