Detecting the source of a leaky toilet can be somewhat of a challenge. You may attempt to solve the problem only to discover that there is still a leak. P&D Mechanical can help you identify where the leak is and provide a long-term solution for sealing it. Below are seven possible causes of toilet leaks and where they are located. If any of these are happening to you right now, call right away. We can help.


1.      Supply Line

When joints or the rubber lining in the supply line loosen or wear out, they allow water to seep through. The supply line may also be damaged.


2.      Broken Tank

A cracked toilet will never stop leaking. The toilet fill valve will continue to replenish water because it’s waiting for the tank to fill. Some hairline cracks are difficult to identify.


3.      Flapper

A stuck flapper can cause significant levels of water loss. The flapper gets stuck because the flush handle gets stuck. Therefore, the water continues to flow until flooding occurs.


4.      Loose Connections

Rubber linings that ensure watertight connections wear out and cause leaks. We can replace worn out or damaged connections to prevent leaks. We’ll inspect all connections to make sure they are tight and leak-free.


5.      Warped Flapper

If you hear a silent drip, but can’t seem to locate it, the cause may be a warped flapper. Flappers are specially designed to sit tightly over the drain in the tank. Water pressure seals the flapper tight. If it’s even slightly warped, water will trickle down the drain and cause a drip.


6.      Fill Valve

Accumulation of mineral deposits causes the fill valve to become less effective in the water supply. The mineral deposits can lead to rust and corrosion. Eventually, the fill valve may fail to shut off completely, leading to toilet leakage.


7.      Float

The float is one of the most critical components in a toilet. As it floats to the top, it slowly shuts off the valve and stops the flow of water. If the float doesn’t float, the water will never shut off. Like many other parts in a toilet, ceasing the water flow requires the float to work.


Professional Toilet Repair From P&D Mechanical

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