Garbage disposals are among the most durable appliances in your kitchen. Like most appliances, however, they will eventually show signs of wear. Although garbage disposals have a simple design, it can be difficult to troubleshoot problems when they arise. P&D Mechanical offers comprehensive garbage disposal inspection and repair. If there is an issue with your garbage disposal, we’ll find it and fix it. Below are some of the problems we run into regularly.


1.      The Garbage Disposal is On, But Not Churning

If you hear the motor running on the device, but it’s not spinning around, the impeller (grinder) is likely jammed. Try to remember the last item you put in the drain chamber. It could be what is jamming the disposal. A P&D Mechanical technician can remove the item and clear out the chamber.


NOTE: If the motor is running, but the impeller is not spinning, you may experience a burning smell. If so, turn the appliance off immediately. The motor is trying to force the belt to move, and the tension is creating heat. The motor or the belt could burn up.


2.      Leaking Garbage Disposal

If the water is leaking from the garbage disposal, we may need to replace the main seal. There are other areas where leaks can occur as well. For instance, a leak can occur at the sink flange (drain opening) around the rings. We may need to tighten or replace the rings. Loose pipe connections, corroded chamber walls, and loose bolts may also allow water to seep through and drip onto the floor underneath the sink.


3.      Clogged or Slow Drain

Certain foods or materials will clog the garbage disposal. Some examples include pasta, potatoes, eggshells, paper items, or stringy vegetables. The impeller doesn’t properly grind these items when you put them into the chamber. Instead, they turn into a pasty substance that clogs up the pipe. Large amounts of pasta or potatoes can be difficult for you to remove. You’ll need to call a P&D Mechanical technician to clear out the plumbing.


4.      Garbage Disposal Will Not Turn On

If the garbage disposal will not turn on, there is a problem with the power supply. Before calling us, press the reset button at the bottom of the device. The reset button is a red button that clicks when you need to reset the disposal. If the button clicks, it resets the power. The garbage disposal should work. If the button doesn’t click and the disposal still doesn’t work, contact us. We’ll need to perform an inspection of the power supply.


Garbage Disposal Repair in Robbinsdale, Minnesota

If you are experiencing problems with your garbage disposal, contact P&D Mechanical. We provide complete garbage disposal repair and replacement for homeowners in Robbinsdale and the surrounding Twin Cities area. We can restore your garbage disposal and have it running like new once again. To schedule service, call us at 763-533-2218.

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