A common perception about garbage disposals is that they are indispensable. Homeowners, however, need to take treat disposals with the same level of care and maintenance that they do every other appliance in their house. After all, most garbage disposal problems occur as a result of neglect or abuse.


If you have noticed that your garbage disposal is acting up, contact P&D Mechanical. We offer complete garbage disposal repair and replacement for homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Below are five common garbage disposal issues we address:

1. The Garbage Disposal is Jammed

When a garbage disposal gets jammed, it will stop spinning around and grinding food. Metal objects get stuck in garbage disposals, jamming the propeller and preventing any food scraps from draining into the shoot. Also, stuffing the disposal with too much food, too quickly, will create a bottleneck. Therefore, you should dispose of food scraps a little at a time.

2. The Garbage Disposal is Leaking

Small garbage disposal leaks often occur under the sink. You may not notice them at first until the leak finally pours out and the water comes gushing out onto the floor. The garbage disposal flange seal can corrode and loosen over time.


The seal inside the garbage disposal may be busted allowing water to drip out slowly. Another common place for garbage disposals to leak is where the drain lines connect. If the connection is not tight, water will eventually seep through the connections.

3. The Garbage Disposal Has Lost Power

If you turn on garbage switch, and nothing happens, the disposal likely an electrical problem. The first thing you should do is check to see if it is still plugged in. Occasionally a plug may come out of the wall.


Second, push the reset button located underneath the appliance. If the garbage disposal motor gets overheated (such as in a jam), the power instantly shuts off. The reset button restores power to the appliance.


Your garbage may be damaged either through a poor electrical connection, or it has finally given up, and you need a new unit.

4. The Garbage Disposal is Clogged Up

A clogged drain can occur anywhere in your plumbing system. Therefore when you try to use the garbage disposal, the waste may back up into the sink. This is a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed outside of the disposal.


The most common reason a garbage disposal clogs up, however, is because you are either shoving too much into it at once, or you are putting the wrong items into it. Some of the worst items you can put into a garbage disposal include:


●        Fibrous foods (celery, asparagus, onions, etc.)

●        FOGs (fats, oils, grease)

●        Eggshells

●        Pasta, rice, potatoes/potato peels, beans, other starches

●        Coffee grinds

●        Bones of any kind

●        Non-food items

5. Garbage Disposal Impellers Aren’t Moving

In most cases, the garbage disposal impellers (blades) stop working because they are jammed. The blades could also be loose. If you turn the disposal on and the impellers are not moving, immediately turn the unit back off. You could burn up the engine.

Professional Garbage Disposal Repair Service

If you are having problems with your garbage disposal, contact P&D Mechanical. We offer plumbing repair services for homeowners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. We can also replace your garbage disposal if necessary.


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