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Comparing 5 Types of Piping. Which is Best for You?

There are several choices of piping and pros and cons for each of them. Some are good for hot and cold water, some are good for cold water only, and others are only good for sewage. Let P&D Mechanical help you decide which plumbing material is best for your home or business in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Here are five main types of piping we recommend:

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7 Ways Your Toilet Could be Leaking

Detecting the source of a leaky toilet can be somewhat of a challenge. You may attempt to solve the problem only to discover that there is still a leak. P & D Mechanical can help you identify where the leak is and provide a long-term solution for sealing it. Below are seven possible causes of toilet leaks and where they are located. If any of these are happening to you right now, then call right away. We can help.

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Holiday Plumbing Preparation Tips for Your Home

If you are anticipating a lot of activity in your home over the holiday, you’ll want to make sure that all the systems in your home are working properly to avoid any problems. You should start by inspecting, repairing, or upgrading your plumbing system. P & D Mechanical can help you by providing complete plumbing work. Below are some of our recommendations for securing your plumbing system throughout the winter season.

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The Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Today's environmental concerns for conserving water and power demonstrates itself across the board in multiple industries and especially in architecture, building design in particular, and construction. Water and energy savings begin in the bathroom simply because that's where you use the most water and cause your water heater to run. Modern building design provides solutions which allow you to enjoy a luxurious space for bathing and preparing yourself for the day without using more water and power than necessary.

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Behind the Walls: When to Replace Plumbing Systems

With proper ongoing maintenance and care in your daily use of a a plumbing system, it's unlikely a full replacement of plumbing throughout your house will ever become an immediate necessity. However, you may want to upgrade your plumbing system from what was originally built as part of the home. Such a project may be as simple as replacing a shower head or faucet with one that provides better performance, or it can be a more difficult project that involves installing new pipes for a home addition or for the sake of making a bonus room or basement into a free standing apartment. Regardless of what your immediate need for a plumber may be, there is a reason you want to hire one who is licensed and proven in the local community as a great contractor.

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The Importance of Establishing a Routine Commercial Maintenance Plan

When it comes to operating a business, you are responsible for a lot throughout the day. You have to ensure that your employees are meeting their metrics, your vendors are keeping your business stocked with supplies, and you have to ensure your business remains profitable. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you have a roof or plumbing leak.

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Water Leaks: Why Minor Ones Need to be Fixed

Water leaks may not seem like a major problem, but they are. When left unrepaired they only get worse and your water bill goes up each month. The problems typically come on slowly and aren’t noticed until much later which explains how important it is to pay attention to your pipes and conduct routine maintenance before a much more expensive problem occurs.

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What to Do with a Water Leak Under Your Slab


Water leaks are a major problem for individuals with homes. Water leaks can lead to flooding in your home that causes damage to other areas. However, when you are facing a water leak and your home is on a slab, then you have a set of unique challenges you have to face. 


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Does The Plumber's House Really Have A Leaky Pipes?

Whether you live there or have rental properties, never allow pipes to leak. A leaking pipe is just a warning of what can happen when the pipe gives out and water or sewage floods your home. The expense of cleaning up mold should be enough to frighten most home owners into calling the best Minneapolis plumbers. A lot of people do not understand the danger of mold. It is not even the toxicity that

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